Tracing People

Whether somebody you know:

  • Has gone missing;
  • Has ran away from home and you want them back or you just want to know that they are safe and well;
  • You are looking for an old friend or relation who you haven't seen or heard from in years;
  • Or you want somebody tracing who owes you money;

I can help you.

I have access to database resources that most people are not aware of. Database resources alone are not sufficient to successfully trace a missing person and identify them correctly. Physical enquiries are an integral part of investigation work. 

If you are trying to trace a potential witness who may have seen an accident or incident, I could help you to find the witness as well as take a statement from them.

After finding the person I will double-check by visiting the property (discreetly) in person (or if it's in a different part of the country, asking a contact from that area to do it for me), or surveillance on that property to confirm that the person you are trying to find is at this address.