Please note: Investigations works within the boundaries of the law and all investigations and enquiries are carried out in a legal and ethical manner adhering strict rules and regulations laid down by the industry.

These include:

  • Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
  • Human Rights Act 1998
  • Data Protection Act 1998
  • Criminal Procedure & Investigation Act 1996                

  • I can also:
  • Remotely monitor a computer, tablet or mobile phone
    • All text messages, emails, websites visited can be seen & shared
    • All of their telephone contacts can be seen & shared
    • I can open up the camera & mic of phone or webcam remotely and see/record everything
  • Crack passwords
  • Background & identity checks
  • Install remote camera & listening devices
  • Install or place tracking device to monitor locations on a person, vehicle or property
    • A tracking device can also contain a listening device
  • Check if you are being watched, spied on or targeted

It should be mentioned that all of these are legal within certain stringent regulations & laws.

Here is a selection of services offered. Anything that isn't on there, just ask.

  • Anti-Social Behaviour and Neighbour Disputes
  • Cheating Partners (inc. Honey Traps)
  • Tracing People
  • Background Checks
  • Criminal & Civil Defences
  • Personal Service of Legal Documents
  • Accident Reports
  • Status Reports
  • Enquiry Agent
  • Missing & Stolen Pets
  • Stalking
  • Domestic Violence
  • Hate Crime
  • Undercover Investigations
  • Forensic Testing (ie, paternity)
  • Lie Detector Tests
  • Remote Tracking
  • Mobile Phone Monitoring
  • Computer Monitoring
  • Surveillance
  • Honey Traps

Anti-Social Behaviour & Disputes Between Neighbours

According to the latest police statistics, problems caused by anti-social behaviour are on the decline. I know for a fact that they're not.

Whether you are having problems with a neighbour who is making your life hell, youths gathering outside of your house and causing you and your family a general nuisance, or a problem family on the estate that is making everybody's life intolerable - there is something you can do about it.

If you have ever had problems with anti-social behaviour, or are unfortunate enough to be presently experiencing them, you will know how difficult they can be to resolve, and often how difficult it is just to get somebody in authority to even listen to you, let alone take you seriously or actually do something about it. If you call the police, you will probably hear something along the lines of, "we don't have enough proof", or "we'll keep our eyes open". If trouble-makers see a police car outside of your house then you may be labelled a tell-tale or "grass" and become even more of a target. If you approach the parents you would probably be told, "oh well, they're only kids: it's what kids do," or "I can't watch them 24 hours a day".  You may have also picked up stories in the the news about people who have reached the end of their tether and confronted the youths - often with tragic consequences, sometimes fatal.

I can provide you with the evidence you need to either take to the Local Authority or to the police (which I could do on your behalf) and ultimately to court (I could also testify on your behalf as an expert witness).  I could provide you with the evidence to take to the parents (which I could also do for you), or could provide you with evidence to persue your case through the civil court (in cases of damage to property, for instance). I can lead you through the process of bringing a civil action as well as helping you to draft your 'Letter Of Action' and testifying with evidence to support your claim. 

I can gather evidence you need covertly (they won't even know that their behaviour is being monitored and recorded). I can provide you with photographic and High Definition video and audio evidence, giving you the evidence and necessary "proof" which the police or local authority seem reluctant or incapable of gathering in cases of anti-social behaviour, disputes between neighbours, criminal damage and theft as well as acting as a mediator or go-between between you and a third party, if that's what you want. I could also find out why a neighbour has "got it in for you" and has decided to make your life miserable.

Drop me a line and we'll talk it over.

Cheating Partners

Do you suspect your partner of cheating on you? 
Cheating partners, matrimonial or pre-nuptial investigations may include discreet surveillance, 'honey-trap' operations, vehicle or person-trackingmonitor all emails sent and received (even deleted ones), monitor all websites visited. I can monitor their location by gps (either by a tracking device or via their mobile phone) as well as remotely open the microphone and camera on their mobile phone or computer. If you suspect your partner of cheating, I will find out, one way or another.
The facts on infidelity are shocking.
According to the latest infidelity statistics (Journal of Marital and Family Therapy, April. 2015:
  •      74% of men say they would have an affair if they knew they would never get caught (that's 3/4);
  •         68% of women say they would have an affair if they knew they would never get caught (that's over 2/3);
  •         15-20% of cheaters repeat their cheating acts (1/5);
  •         54% of women admit to committing infidelity (sleeping with somebody else) in any relationship they've had (that's over 1/2);
  •         32% of women who admitted to infidelity said it was with an old boyfriend or crush (nearly 1/3), compared to 21% of men (1/5).
1 in 5 (22%) of all intimite relationships have a partner who has cheated, or is cheating (according to the Love, Lust & Loyalty survey)! This rate is SEVEN times higher among married men! What's more, nearly half of people have admitted to being unfaithful at some point in their lives - though this admittance is usually not to their partner:
  • 6 in 10 cheaters believe that they totally got away with the affair and that their partner was not in the least bit suspicious, whilst only 2% of cheaters were exposed for what they were, but of those 2%, only 6% (both men and women) of these actually confessed to having an affair! So if you think your partner is going to 'fess-up', think again. 
Bearing these figures in mind if you think your partner is cheating, you may be wrong. You may be being paranoid. You also may be right and you have the chance to either stop it before it gets too far, perhaps save your relationship, or end it to save any further heartache and embarrassment. You may even want proof that you can take to the divorce lawyer that your partner has been less than faithful.

Honey Traps

Honey traps have many uses. 

  • You can find out if your partner is the faithful type by catching them in the act of making certain proposals to somebody;
  • You can check out a potential partner (perhaps one that you're going to commit to long-term), to see if they are going to     play-around the first chance they get;
  • Honey traps can be employed for men and women, gay or straight.
They're  not cheap, but they do give you peace of mind, as well as possibly saving you heartbreak in the future.

Tracing People

Whether somebody you know:

  • Has gone missing;
  • Has ran away from home and you want them back or you just want to know that they are safe and well;
  • You are looking for an old friend or relation who you haven't seen or heard from in years;
  • Or you want somebody tracing who owes you money;

I may be able to help you.

I have access to database resources that may not be available to the general public. Database resources alone are not sufficient to successfully trace a missing person and identify them correctly. Physical enquiries are an integral part of the work of any good Professional Private Investigator. I can talk to, or mediate with, this person or persons once they have been traced (such as in adoption enquiries, or runaways, for example) or simply observe them to let you know that they are OK.

If you are trying to trace somebody who owes you money, then I could also find out their earnings, employment status and check if they are in any position to repay the debt (also called a 'Status Report').

If you are trying to trace a potential witness who may have seen an accident or incident, I could help you to find the witness as well as take a statement from them.

After finding the person I always double-check by visiting the property (discreetly of course) in person (or if it's in a different part of the country, asking a reputable and trustworthy investigator from that area to do it), or doing some form of surveillance on that property in order to confirm that your target is at the address obtained. Once I am certain, then I will let you know.

Word of caution: beware of "no find, no fee" scams. They could end you up in lot of trouble (see FAQ's for more details).  

Background Checks


Neighbourhood Vetting

I can check out a neighbourhood or area before you commit yourself to buying or renting a property situated there. I can provide you with a comprehensive report detailing crime rates, school rates, photographs and area demographics. If you don't research the area before deciding to move there, you may regret it. You could be moving next to the neighbours from hell who the last occupiers had assured you were a lovely couple - their eleven children were all sweet little angels too!

Neighbour Vetting

I can check out the past of somebody you are curious about. Maybe you are a little curious or suspicious about the new people who are moving into your neighbourhood.


Employer & Employee Vetting

As an employer, you may want to check out a potential employee. How truthful are they being on their CV? Is there something they're not telling you?

As an employee, you may want to check out a fellow worker, maybe somebody who has just started work at your place. Where did they previously work? Why did they leave? Are they married or romantically involved with somebody?

False & Long-Term Sickness: Find out if an employee is being truthful about the illness and length of sickness - it can save you from having to continually pay out fraudulent sick-pay and having to arrange (and pay for) cover to accommodate their prolonged period of illness.

Personal Injury Claims: I can assist insurance companies and the legal profession in establishing personal injury claims. I will provide you with a comprehensive report of surveillance, along with photographic, video and audio evidence.

Locus Plans & Reports: I can visit the scene of an accident, draw up detailed plans, produce photographic evidence as well as find, interview and take statements from witnesses or those involved in an accident.

Mystery Shopper: I can turn up anonymously at your chosen location and find out if your standards are being met, your staff being polite, and all legal requirements are being complied with.

Partner Vetting

You have just met a new partner (or maybe are about to meet one). Are they who they say they are? Have they a history of domestic violence? Have they ever been convicted of a sexual offence? Do they already have a partner they're not telling you about? These are just a few of the questions which you really need to know before totally committing yourself.

Date Vetting

Are you are about to meet somebody from a dating website, or have maybe already met somebody. Are they who they say they are (1 in 3 internet dating profiles are fictitious)? Are they already in a relationship they're not telling you about? Have they a history of domestic violence? 

It's an old adage, but "it's better to be safe than sorry."

Babysitter or Child-minder Vetting

Are you employing a child-minder, or about to employ one?  The decision you make about who is the most suitable and responsible person to look after your child or children is one of the most important decisions you could make. It is a decision which you cannot afford to get wrong: a wrong decision could put your child in danger! Their references may look impressive and check out, but is a child-minder really going to show you their bad references or tell you about previous misdemeanors, discrepancies or periods of forgetfulness? 

I can find out for you about their past, where they have previously worked, if they have any criminal convictions, their character, as well as check out people they regularly socialize with. 

Criminal & Civil Defences

Criminal Defences

Have you, or a client, been wrongly suspected of a criminal offence, or even erroneously convicted of one and are planning to lodge an appeal against the sentence? I may be able to help you. I can re-examine the evidence, re-interview witnesses or perhaps uncover new ones. I will look for flaws and erroneous conclusions from the original investigation which may help to build, or strengthen, your defence case. 

I can also help with:

            ·         Tracing witnesses;

                  ·         Tracing suspects;

                  ·         Interviewing both witnesses and suspects, along with their friends and acquaintances;

                  ·         Taking statements;

                  ·         Gathering additional or extraneous evidence and keeping such information confidential;

                  ·         Liaising with other agencies on your behalf;

                  ·         Locating and dealing with information providers.

I can testify in court on you or your client's behalf, detailing my findings and questioning the evidence, possibly introducing supporting evidence along the way which may weaken the case for the prosecution or strengthen your case.

I am academically qualified to MSc. (Master of Science) level in Criminal Investigation and am therefore an educated and credible expert witness whose opinion could be persuasive to a jury, judge or magistrate. 

I could draw up a profile of the defendant and the event, as well as a psychological profile (of which I am proficient and experienced) of the type of person who would have most likely to have committed the offence. If the two are incompatible, I will say so publicly, under oath. This could raise doubts about you or your client's guilt to a magistrate or jury.

Civil Defences

If you have been unfortunate enough to be scammed or ripped off, I can help you get justice.

·         I can assist you in pursuing the wrongdoer and can show you how you can take your case to court and claim your money back;

·         I can do a background check on any company, as well as interview witnesses and other people they have done work for;

·         I can locate a person or company and can provide you with further evidence (e.g., video, audio, photographic) which could support or substantiate your case.

If your dispute is to do with unsatisfactory work carried out by a person, company or organisation, I can substantiate your claim by finding, interviewing, as well as taking statements and photographs (or other evidence) from other people who have also also been duped or scammed.

 I can help you draft a Letter Of Action (a letter written to the debtor before taking them to court) against the person or trader who owes you money and I can advise you on how to make a claim and for how much.

Supporting evidence is crucial to substantiating a case.

Contract Law is a complex area of law, but it’s also very simple...if an agreement is signed, both parties need to stick to it.

Remember that:

·         If you make contract with somebody and they’ve broken that contract, not finished the work they promised to do, done shoddy work, or reneged on their part of the agreement in any way, then they have broken that contract - and you are well within your legal and moral rights to make a claim.


·         Even if the person signing the agreement uses a fake name;

 It is important to not only have a written agreement, but also to check out that the person who’s signing the agreement is the person who they say they are. I can check their identity for you. It could be vitally important as this person could simply disappear and you may have difficulty in finding them.

Personal Service of Legal Documents

I offer a professional and comprehensive range of services including the serving of legal documents and other important papers to clients anywhere within the the UK. This service is available to the legal profession, businesses and private individuals.

All Papers and Documents will be:

·         Completed correctly and professionally;

·         Served in accordance with CPR guidelines;

·         Served adhering to the strict policies and procedures of the Human Rights Act and the Data Protection Act (of which my signature appears on the DPP register);

·         Properly prepared Affadavits, Certificates and Statement of Service.

My service will also provide:

·         Legal Proof of Service, should you require it;

·         Appropriate Certificate, Statement of Service or Affidavit;

·         Photographic or video evidence, should you require it;

·         The correct completion of all Documents, Statements and Affidavits;

·         Fixed fees* or LAA** rates – with no hidden extras;

·         A fast, efficient, professional service. Upon receipt of the papers I will attempt to serve at the earliest opportunity – or immediately, if really urgent. I will adhere at all times to your specifications, stipulations and instructions.

* Fixed fee applies for up to 3 attempts. If you want me to continue until I succeed, then your instructions will be followed.

** All legal Aid Work is charged and invoiced on a time and mileage basis in accordance with The Community Legal Service (Funding) (Amendment No.2) Order 2011.   

 Missing, Stolen & Lost Pets 

I offer a full investigation service which will give you the best possible chance of finding, or retrieving, your lost or stolen pet - or from preventing it from being stolen in the first place. I can place a tracking device on your pet (be it dog, cat or horse) which would allow you to view their location and alert you immediately (via text message) if they should wander outside of pre-set boundaries. For horses, sensors can be placed on stable doors or gates which will send you a text message if it is opened. Cameras and other monitoring devices can also be placed inside stables, homes or out-buildings which can be viewed at any time via a smartphone, tablet or computer. For instance, if you receive a text message that a door or gate has been unexpectedly opened then you can instantly view the camera to determine the reason why using your smartphone. This not only gives peace of mind to you, but it could also alert you to any danger which your pet may be in. 

When a pet goes missing it is usually a very traumatic experience for both the pet and the 'owner'. Anybody who thinks otherwise has either never had a pet that they have cared for, never had a pet which has gone missing, or simply lacks heart and compassion.

The sad fact is that thousands of pets go missing every year and most never make it back home. Official Police Data shows that 54% of owners never see their pets again! What we don't know is why.

Some pets do wander off; others become distracted (perhaps chasing something or following somebody they thought was you) then simply can't find their way back home. Some are involved in unreported accidents. Some pets are taken in by a family thinking that your dog or cat is a 'stray' (they're supposed to report them to the police or dog warden, but some people never bother). 

Another recent phenomenon which may account for the increasing numbers of pets which go missing is theft: dog-napping and cat-napping, which is sadly on the increase. Animals are stolen for a number of reasons:

  •  in the hope of claiming a reward;
  • to sell;
  •  to breed from so that they can make money from the several litters they expect your dog or cat to have;
  • to use as 'bait'.

This year alone has seen an alarming rise in the number of pets being stolen to train fighting dogs (known as 'training-bait').  In January 2015 a campaign was launched by Durham Police in response to the increasing number of dogs and cats being stolen by those involved in dog-fighting. Although this has been going on for many years, the scale in which pets are being stolen has increased significantly.

Official police data shows that on average at least 3 dogs and cats were stolen every day last year:

I realise that if you have a pet which goes missing, you will probably be in a very anxious and distressed state. You may not be able to afford the services of a professional Private Investigator. Don't worry. Being an animal lover I will help you in any way that I can. I have a sheet which I can email to you (for free) which will tell you exactly the steps you need to take in order to find your pet. In fact, this sheet will tell you exactly the steps I would take to find your pet. People tend to use my investigation services because it can be quite tedious and time-consuming work knocking on doors, searching people's gardens, sheds and garages, following up on various leads, etc.. If you have the time then there's nothing to stop you doing the work yourself. If you still reach a dead-end or get stuck, you can always give me a call and I won't even charge you for the advice! The only thing I ask is that if you do find your pet, could you please let me know - whether or not you're hiring me - as I will be using my contacts with the animal-search organisations and displaying your lost pet in several places. Also when somebody is reunited with their beloved pet it gives me a buzz, even more so if I know that I have helped in some way.

Some things you could do in the meantime:

Take a few photos of your pet and make a note of any distinguishing features. If your pet goes missing it will give you more of a chance of finding them.

Make sure your pet is micro-chipped and make sure all of your pets details are up to date with petlog.

If you are worried that your pet may be targeted (maybe they're an expensive or special breed), give me a call for advice.

Be vigilant: 

  • If you see somebody putting a pet into the back of a van (or car boot), make a note of the registration number and inform the police (if they won't act immediately, call me); 
  • If you see a strange van in the area, it wouldn't do any harm to make a note of the registration number and make of the vehicle.
  • If you notice somebody peering suspiciously over a garden fence (where you know a pet lives) and hang about suspiciously, let the neighbour know (discreetly) and call the police (or me, if they don't take you seriously enough); 
  • If you hear the sounds of a distressed animal coming from a car boot or back of a van, make a note of the registration number and call the police or RSPCA (or me if they try to fob you off).

Domestic Violence

If you require evidence - either to support a restraining order, show to the police or authorities as proof, or even to a third party who doesn't believe you that the abuse is going on, I can help you get it.  I can also show you how to protect yourself through a civil court injunction, if necessary.
If you are being abused, or if you suspect that somebody you care about is being abused, then you should take this matter very seriously indeed.  It does not matter whether the victim is female, male, gay or straight.
It doesn't even matter if the abuse is not physical.
  • Psychological Abuse is just as unacceptable and illegal as Physical Abuse (The Protection From Harassment Act, 1997).
It is not only women who suffer at the hands of their partners:
  • For every 5 victims of domestic abuse victims, 3 will be female, 2 will be male;
  • 72,000 men are victims of sexual offences every year (Survivors UK).
Though women do figure more prominently in the figures of domestic violence and abuse:
  • On average, 2 women a week are killed because of domestic violence in the home;
  • Last year, 2014, saw 88 women killed by their abusive partners in the UK;
  • In 2014, more than a million women experienced domestic violence in the UK;
  • More than a third of women murdered around the world are killed by their partner;
  • Women are six times more likely than men to be murdered by a partner;
  • 40% of murdered women are victims of their partners in domestic killings;
  • In 75% - 90% of domestic violence incidents, children are in the same or next room!
If you have been subject to domestic violence and abuse, know that:
  • Domestic Violence is against the law;
  • Men are also subjected to Domestic Violence and Abuse;
  • It doesn't matter if you are gay or straight, Domestic Violence is a serious crime!
There has been a 65% increase in prosecutions for domestic violence and a corresponding 99% increase in convictions in the last few years and the law has recently changed in favour of the victim.
As for confidentiality, not only have I signed the Data Protection Register (you can find the details of everybody who has signed it online), I also have an enhanced CRB check due to my past and current work with vulnerable people, and strictly adhere to the confidentiality agreement used by the specialist agencies who work with vulnerable people. If you want to talk privately, or you want advice, get in touch. There are also some agencies listed on this page (and more in the 'Links' section of this website) who can also help you in complete confidence.One reason that many victims of domestic violence and abuse are reluctant to contact a private investigator is that many private investigators are ex-police officers. The number one reason (according the the Domestic Violence Campaign, 2014) that victims of domestic abuse have given for a reluctance to report the abuse is that they (the victims) have felt disillusioned and had negative reactions from previous contact with the police. The Domestic Violence Campaign (2014) found that victims of domestic abuse stated that they felt that the police did not take them seriously; that they were not believed by the police; that they felt the police officers couldn't be bothered to investigate; that they had been made to feel that they were to blame for the abuse; or that the police had made the situation worse in some other way, such as a betrayal of the trust and confidentiality that they had placed with the police officer(s). There are examples of cases where the police officer had actually told the perpetrator of the abuse that a complaint had been made against them by their partner - all of this whilst the victim was still living in the same house as the abuser! Study after study has found that victims of domestic violence do not trust the police and have often felt even more degraded and humiliated after contact with the police.
I have worked with services supporting victims of crime for a number of years and have never been a police officer. I am also in contact with specialist agencies who can help you.
If you want me to investigate, either for yourself of somebody else, get in touch. I do ask though that you also respect our confidentiality agreement and that you do not divulge information we discuss with anybody else. I have known cases where private information has been disclosed by the client to a friend who has then disclosed it to the abusive partner!
If you would feel more comfortable speaking to a female investigator (obvioiusly with the same level of anonymity), then this can be arranged.

Hate Crime

Any crime committed against somebody because of their race, colour, religion, sex, sexuality, health or disability is classified as a hate crime. This can be verbal, physical or psychological.
Believe it or not, some people are stigmatized and victimised because they do not conform to a "normal" person's prejudicial standard. Hate Crimes are always committed by people with small minds.
Hate crimes are any offences which are targeted towards a person because of prejudice or hostility based on that person's:
  • disability;
  • mental health;
  • race or ethnicity;
  • religion or belief;
  • sexual orientation;
  • sexual identity
Hate crimes can be committed against a person or a property.
You don't need a private investigator to report hate crime. Even if you have seen or heard something which has been directly hostile or prejudicial against you or another person fitting one of the above categories, you can report it anonymously in a number of ways:
 So why would you need a private investigator?
Gathering proof or gathering evidence, to substantiate a case (I could even confront and mediate with those responsible). You see, the police can only do so much. In my experience, I have found that some police forces and individual officers do not take this issue as seriously as they perhaps should. There may also be insufficient evidence to take to the CPS (the Crown Prosecution Service - they're the ones who decide if there is enough evidence to make a conviction likely), then the case is not even going to go to court. Sad, but true. Often the police do not have the time or resources to fully investigate and gather the necessary evidence which would be deemed to be acceptable by the CPS, particularly when it is one person's word against another.
I can help you to gather evidence which would be of sufficient quality to either take to court or another third party (such as a housing association). This evidence could be in the form of audio, video, witness statements, or even my own eye-witness testimony, based on surveillance, which I would present in court. The evidence will be of sufficient quality to use in a court (though see the "FAQ's" section of the website: "Can I Use What You Provide In Court" for further information).
If you are being victimised because of your race, sex, sexuality, disability, beliefs or whatever, then get in touch. We can discuss it either by email, telephone, or face-to-face, or you can contact one of the organisations listed on this page (and there's more in the "Links" section of this website). The bottom line is, you don't have to suffer alone, you can do something about it, you can fight against these idiots.