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Organisations in County Durham regardless of age, gender & sexuality 

Offers a range of services to help women & children 

Free legal advice and action via emergency injunctions

For children affected by domestic violence & abuse 

Advice & support for men experiencing domestic violence & abuse 

Men Working To End Violence Against Women 

For Victims of Rape & Sexual Assault, both females & Males. Based in County Durham

The link between animal abuse, child abuse and domestic violence

Help for Victims of Domestic Abuse 

Also offers support & advice on Sexual/Domestic Abuse 

Sexual Violence Services across Teesside 

Supports women & children in cases of domestic & sexual violence 

Men & women working together to end domestic violence 

If you want to report or are suspicious about a child who may being abused 

For male victims of domestic violence & abuse 

For males who have been victims of rape and sexual abuse 

The LGBT Domestic Violence Charity

Helps women, children & their pets escape from violence & abuse 

Can also help in cases of Domestic Abuse

Call anonymously or online. Independent, not the police