Background Checks

Neighbourhood Vetting

I can check out a neighbourhood or area before you commit yourself to buying or renting a property situated there. I can provide you with a comprehensive report detailing crime rates, school rates, photographs and area demographics. If you don't research the area before deciding to move there, you may regret it. You could be moving next to the neighbours from hell who the last occupiers had assured you were a lovely couple - their eleven children were all sweet little angels too!

Neighbour Vetting

I can check out the past of somebody you are curious about. Maybe you are a little curious or suspicious about the new people who are moving into your neighbourhood.

Employer & Employee Vetting

As an employer, you may want to check out a potential employee. How truthful are they being on their CV? Is there something they're not telling you?

As an employee, you may want to check out a fellow worker, maybe somebody who has just started work at your place. Where did they previously work? Why did they leave? Are they married or romantically involved with somebody?

False & Long-Term Sickness: Find out if an employee is being truthful about the illness and length of sickness - it can save you from having to continually pay out fraudulent sick-pay and having to arrange (and pay for) cover to accommodate their prolonged period of illness.

Personal Injury Claims: I can assist insurance companies and the legal profession in establishing personal injury claims. I will provide you with a comprehensive report of surveillance, along with photographic, video and audio evidence.

Locus Plans & Reports: I can visit the scene of an accident, draw up detailed plans, produce photographic evidence as well as find, interview and take statements from witnesses or those involved in an accident.

Mystery Shopper: I can turn up anonymously at your chosen location and find out if your standards are being met, your staff being polite, and all legal requirements are being complied with.

Partner Vetting

You have just met a new partner (or maybe are about to meet one). Are they who they say they are? Have they a history of domestic violence? Have they ever been convicted of a sexual offence? Do they already have a partner they're not telling you about? These are just a few of the questions which you really need to know before totally committing yourself.

Date Vetting

Are you are about to meet somebody from a dating website, or have maybe already met somebody. Are they who they say they are (1 in 3 internet dating profiles are fictitious)? Are they already in a relationship they're not telling you about? Have they a history of domestic violence? 

It's an old adage, but "it's better to be safe than sorry."

Babysitter or Child-minder Vetting

Are you employing a child-minder, or about to employ one?  The decision you make about who is the most suitable and responsible person to look after your child or children is one of the most important decisions you could make. It is a decision which you cannot afford to get wrong: a wrong decision could put your child in danger! Their references may look impressive and check out, but is a child-minder really going to show you their bad references or tell you about previous misdemeanors, discrepancies or periods of forgetfulness? 

I can find out for you about their past, where they have previously worked, if they have any criminal convictions, their character, as well as check out people they regularly socialize with.