Personal Service of Legal Documents

I offer a professional and comprehensive range of services including the serving of legal documents and other important papers to clients anywhere within the the UK. This service is available to the legal profession, businesses and private individuals.

All Papers and Documents will be:

·         Completed correctly and professionally;

·         Served in accordance with CPR guidelines;

·         Served adhering to the strict policies and procedures of the Human Rights Act and the Data Protection Act (of which my signature appears on the DPP register);

·         Properly prepared Affadavits, Certificates and Statement of Service.

My service will also provide:

·         Legal Proof of Service, should you require it;

·         Appropriate Certificate, Statement of Service or Affidavit;

·         Photographic or video evidence, should you require it;

·         The correct completion of all Documents, Statements and Affidavits;

·         Fixed fees* or LAA** rates – with no hidden extras;

·         A fast, efficient, professional service. Upon receipt of the papers I will attempt to serve at the earliest opportunity – or immediately, if really urgent. I will adhere at all times to your specifications, stipulations and instructions.

* Fixed fee applies.Your instructions will be followed to the letter.

** All legal Aid Work is charged and invoiced on a time and mileage basis in accordance with The Community Legal Service (Funding) (Amendment No.2) Order 2011.