I was approached by a man who suspected his wife was having an affair. Here is a copy of the report given to him following my investigation. This is my report upon work undertaken on behalf of Mr XXXXXX in relation to the alleged extra-marital relationship of his wife, Mrs XXXXXX.    

          REF: XXXXXXXXXXXX                                                                                                                  (1) Mr XXXXXXXXXX                                                                                                                (2) Instructions: Mr. XXXXXXXXXXX                                                                                      (3) Our Ref: XXXXXXXXXXXX                                                                                                  (4) Re: To determine if Mrs XXXXXX has been actively engaged in an extra-                     marital relationship; To gather evidence of extra-marital relationship;                       To determine the identity of the 3rdparty involved;                                                         Obtain photographic or video evidence of them together.  

Mr XXXXXX has had suspicions for some time, that his wife Mrs XXXXXX, has been actively engaged in an extra-marital relationship with an unknown 3rd party. I agreed to investigate the matter and was provided, by Mr XXXXXX, with information deemed necessary to conduct an investigation. The information included a physical description of Mrs XXXXXXX, details of her motor vehicle, along with her place of work and working hours.   Over several days I monitored the movements of Mrs XXXXXX, though did not note any suspicious or untoward activity with regards to an alleged romantic involvement with a third party.   Legal & legitimate searches of emails and various websites revealed suggestive messages exchanged between Mrs XXXXXX and the owner of another email address: 'XXXXXXXX.co.uk'. The encrypted messages had been exchanged via a website named 'XXXXXXXX.com'. The messages exchanged between Mrs XXXXXX and the unidentified party, 'XXXXXXX.co.uk', were highly suggestive of a physical relationship (see APPENDIX 1). The owner of the email address (XXXXXXX.co.uk) was identified as Mr XXXXXXX and the exchanged messages further suggested that Mrs XXXXXX and Mr XXXXXXX were co-workers (as my client had initially suspected).    

On XXXXXXXXXX, at approximately 09:45 hours, I observed Mrs XXXXXX stepping into the passenger side of a black Vauxhall XXXX, registration number XXXXXXX, which was being driven by an unidentified male. The vehicle then proceeded southbound on the A1(M)..   At approximately 15:45 hours the black Vauxhall carrying Mrs XXXXXX and the male driver arrived at the XXXXXX Hotel, XXXXXXXX, some 250 miles away.   The next day, XXXXXXXXXX, at precisely 12:00 hours, Mrs XXXXXX and the unidentifed male were filmed walking out of the XXXXXXXX Hotel, having spent the night together inside of a hotel room. They walked romantically together to the black Vauxhall, registration number XXXXXXXX: Mrs XXXXXX sat in the passenger seat. The black Vauxhall XXXXXX then drove out of the hotel car-park and made the 250 mile journey to XXXXXX.    

Next, it was then necessary to determine if the unknown driver of the black Vauxhall XXXXX - who had driven Mrs XXXXXX to the XXXXXXXX Hotel and had stayed the night with her at the hotel was the same “XXXXXXX” who Mrs XXXXXX had been exchanging messages which had been highly suggestive of an intimate and physical relationship.  

A professional tracing system eventually revealed the likely match of the unidentified male as Mr XXXX XXXX, Date of birth XXXXXXXX, address XXXXXXXXX. Though this needed further confirmation.  

On XXXXXX I called at the identified address XXXXXXX to confirm the identity of the male.   At approximately 18:45, a black Vauxhall XXXXX, registration number XXXXXXX, pulled onto the driveway (next to another car already parked on the driveway: a XXXXXXXX, registration number XXXXXX). The male who got out of the black Vauxhall XXXXXX  and entered the address matched the description of the man who spent the night at the XXXXXX hotel with my client’s wife, Mrs XXXXXX on XXXXXXX. To be absolutely certain that they were one and the same I knocked on the door of XXXXXXXXX. The door was answered by a male who I now know to be Mr XXXX XXXX, age XX, date of birth XXXXXXXXX and was, beyond any reasonable doubt, the same man seen filmed and photographed at the XXXXXXX Hotel with Mrs XXXXXX. I had a conversation with Mr XXXX XXXX (though he did not know who I was or that he was under investigation) along with his female partner, who I later learned was his wife. His wife informed me that they had lived together at that address for 7 years.    

I informed my client of my findings and submitted to him the evidence gathered, along with my positive identification of the male at his home address. I also promised him that, should it be required, that I would present such testimony verbally, under oath.   I am suitably qualified and experienced to present such testimony. I am qualified to master's degree level in investigation (MSc., Criminal Investigation) and have ran my own investigation company since 2013. Previous to this I worked as an investigator with Special Investigation Team. I am registered with the Information Commissioner's Office for Data Protection and Privacy (ICO) and my name appears on the Data Protection Register (ZA661224). I am also a member of several related professional bodies.   Should any further information be required, or should verbal testimony be required, then I will gladly accommodate.    

                             *********END OF REPORT*********

Following this I asked my client what he would like to do. He told me that he just wanted the affair to stop. I tracked the identified male to a quiet location and told him that if he did not end this affair then his wife would get a copy of the photographs and DVD taken at the hotel, along with intercepted exchanged messages, etc. He assured me that it would end.  

A few days later I noticed that intimate encrypted electronic communications between Mr XXXX XXXX and my client’s wife had started again. With permission from my client, I pulled over the car being driven by the wife of Mr XXXX XXXX as she neared her address. I explained to her who I was, gave her a DVD, and told her what I had found out. I gave her my client’s telephone number to verify what I had said (he had asked me to do this once she had been informed about her husband).   When she got home, the fireworks started. She threw the cheating rat out onto the street along with his belongings. It was quite a show for the neighbours.    

Unfortunately in most cases of this nature there are no happy endings. Sometimes I hope that my clients initial suspicions were wrong, but 9 times out of 10 they’re usually correct.