Lost, Missing & Stolen Pets 

When a beloved pet goes missing it is usually a very traumatic experience for both the pet and the 'owner'. Anybody who thinks otherwise has either never had a pet that they have cared for, never had a pet which has gone missing, or simply lacks heart and compassion.

Thousands of pets go missing every year and most never make it back home. Official Police Data shows that 54% of owners never see their pets again!

At this moments there's a growing phenomena of pet theft. More pets are being stolen than ever before and very little is being done to prevent this. There's reasons people steal pets, especially in this pandemic era:

  •  to claim a reward for the dog they 'found';
  • to sell;
  •  to breed from so that they can make money from the many litters they expect your dog or cat to have over their lifetime;
  • to use as 'bait'.

Official police data shows that dogs are stolen from:

  • 52% are stolen from owner's gardens;
  • 19% are stolen in a house burglary;
  • 16% are stolen from owner while on a walk ;
  • 7% are stolen while tied up outside a shop (can you believe that there are people stupid enough to leave a dog tied up outside of a shop?);
  • 5% are stolen from a car (as above, people who leave their dog unattended in a car are really asking for trouble). 

I realise that if you have a pet which goes missing, you will probably be in a very anxious and distressed state. You may not be able to afford my services, but I will help you in any way that I can. I have a sheet which I can email to you (for free) which will tell you exactly the steps you should take in order to find your pet. In fact, this sheet will tell you exactly the steps I would take to find your pet. If you still reach a dead-end or get stuck, you can always give me a call. 

In the meantime:

Install cameras (I charge £75.00 to install a video camera in your home or garden). These will start recording when it detects a human (so your pets won't set it off). It will immediately alert you and send the live video to your mobile phone. It will also save the videos and stills. It will allow you to talk directly with the intruder or your pets. You can even watch and speak to your pets anytime you're away from home.

Take a few photos of your pet and make a note of any distinguishing features. If your pet goes missing it will give you more of a chance of finding them.

Make sure your pet is micro-chipped and make sure all of your pets details are up to date with petlog.

If you are worried that your pet may be targeted (maybe they're an expensive or special breed), give me a call for advice.

Be vigilant: 

  • If you see somebody putting a pet into the back of a van (or car boot), make a note of the registration number and inform the police (if they won't act immediately, call me); 
  • If you see a strange van in the area, it wouldn't do any harm to make a note of the registration number and make of the vehicle.
  • If you notice somebody peering suspiciously over a garden fence (where you know a pet lives) and hang about suspiciously, let the neighbour know (discreetly) and call the police (or me, if they don't take you seriously enough); 
  • If you hear the sounds of a distressed animal coming from a car boot or back of a van, make a note of the registration number and call the police or RSPCA (or me if they try to fob you off).