Cheating Partners

If you suspect your partner of cheating on you, in my experience, you're probably right. There are various ways you can confirm your suspicions are allay your fears:
  • Surveillance;
  • Placing a tracking device on a vehicle;
  • Placing a tracking device on a person;
  • Computer/mobile phone monitoring;
  • Honey-Trap Operation

Computer or mobile phone monitoring allows you to access their:

    • Texts & messages: SMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Skype, Line, Kik, Viber, Hangouts, QQ, IMO, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, BBM, Hike,Telegram, Odnoklassniki, Gmail App, KakaoTalk, Zalo   Log SMS Record Whatsapp Messages Record Wechat messages Log FacebookRecord Skype chat messagesRecord Line chat messagesRecord Kik messagesRecord Viber messagesRecord Hangout messagesRecord QQ messagesRecord IMO messagesRecord Instagram messagesRecord Snapchat messagesRecord Tinder messagesRecord BBM MessagesRecord Hike MessagesRecord Telegram MessagesRecord odnoklassniki MessagesRecord Gmail MessagesRecord KakaotalkRecord Zalo Chat
    • Tracking: Call History Logs, Record Telephone Calls, Text Messages (inc. deleted ones), Keystroke Logging (retrieve their passwords), Clipboard, Websites Visited, Take Screenshots, GPS Tracking, Geo-fencing, Installed Apps Log Call HistoryLog call recordingLog SMSLog keystrokesLog clipboardWeb HistoryScreenshotsTrack GPSGeo-fencinginstalled apps monitoring
    • Multi-Media: Pictures & Photos, Videos, Voice Messages, Phone Surroundings (turn on camera or microphone), Remotely Take Photos or Videos (without them knowing) spy on pictures and photosSpy on videosLog Voice MessagesListen Phone Surroungds
    • Control Their Phone/Computer: App Blocker, Screen Time Limit, Schedules App blocker Screen time limit schedules 
    • Anonymous & Undetectable (app icon is hidden)
    • View Remotely: Send Logs via Email, View Logs Online, Remote Tracking, Wifi Access, Alert Words, GroupManagement, Multiple Users & Admins, Export Logs, Account Deletion Email Delivery Online server Remote Control Remote Keylogger alert words group management /multiple users and admins.html  Export Logs  Account Deletion 
    • Phone/Computer Information: Notes, Memos, Reminders, Calendar, Email Content, Contacts, Wifi History Log Notes/Memos/Reminders Log Calendar Log Emails Log Contacts Remote Keylogger 
Please note: with monitoring devices such as mobile phones and computers there are strict laws, rules and guidelines which must be obeyed. 

According to the latest statistics:
  • 1 in 5 cheaters repeat their cheating acts;
  • Over half of women admit to other sexual relations in any relationship they've had;
  • 1 in 5 intimate relationships have a partner who has cheated, or is cheating (though this rate is 7 times higher among married men);
  • Nearly half of people admit to being unfaithful at some point in their lives (though they don't usually admit this to their partner);
  • 6 in 10 cheaters believe they totally got away with the affair and their partner was not in the least bit suspicious.
If you're suspicious, you've usually got good cause to be.