Click on a link to go straight to the organisation's website 

 Site for lost & found dogs. You can also pre-register your dog here.

Free website for lost and found pets 

Lost & Found Pets. There's a one-off charge of which is valid for a year. 

Can do a search of your pet based on your postcode 

Lost & Found Cats 

Make sure you sign the petition as well to get all pets micro-chipped 

Lost & Found database for micro-chipped pets

 Alert the Animal Wardens

Provides information about dog theft 

Help & info on stray, lost, or abandoned dogs & cats across County Durham & Hartlepool  

Free website for lost and found pets 

If you have found or lost a pet 

It might cost to use their service, but it does seem to be worth it

Free to use and you can also pre-register your pet 

Lost & Found Cats

Search Missing Pets 

Database search for lost and found pets 

The stealing of pets and horses